The best food presentation templates for Google Slides or PowerPoint

Are you a sweet or savory person? Have you noticed that a large part of our life revolves around food? When we want to celebrate a special day like Christmas or a birthday, we accompany the moment with a good feast. We love to eat and if we do it in the company of friends or family, it is much better!

Before you start reading, we want to warn you about something: this post can whet anyone’s appetite! We recommend you to read it with a full stomach because, this time, we are going to show you the 5 best food presentations of Slidesgo for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Ready?

TOP 5: Vegan Diet Infographics

Vegan Diet Infographics by Slidesgo

Giving up animal products is a courageous change, as it shows a great commitment to the environment and the protection of animal species.

At a global level, the number of people who decide to go vegan is increasing every year. For this reason, at Slidesgo, we have created the template Vegan Diet Infographics, whose infographic resources and concept maps are ideal for teaching the keys to this diet.

Vegan Diet Infographics by Slidesgo

Non-animal products are the guiding thread of the 31 slides of the presentation. Diagrams in circles or bar charts have been included so that you can illustrate the benefits and principles of the vegan diet.

Vegan Diet Infographics by Slidesgo

Creativity in the kitchen has no limits! Those who think that the vegan diet consists of eating salads are wrong. Baked stuffed peppers, rice noodles with tofu stir-fry, vegan burritos… Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

If you have a dish par excellence, you can explain it step by step and graphically during your presentation.

Vegan Diet Infographics by Slidesgo

Before you invite your audience to make next week’s shopping list, why don’t you explain how to plan a balanced menu?

Variety is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Invite them to incorporate cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts into their daily routine.

Top 4: Cheesy Pizza Night

After a long week of work, our bodies tell us to rest and disconnect from routine.  When the weekend comes, we want to return home, sit on the couch with our friends or family and order a familiar pizza. A plan without mistakes!

Cheesy Pizza Night! by Slidesgo

It is such a common scenario that it would be a great idea to use it to promote your pizzeria. For that purpose, we propose you develop a complete marketing strategy, with the support of  “Cheesy Pizza Night” template.

Cheesy Pizza Night! by Slidesgo

Yum, yummy… It looks so good! When you present your proposal, more than one person will want to take a bite of a good slice of pizza when looking at the pictures of the presentation.

Is your brand fun and youthful? The colors of the template will suit it perfectly, as they are bright and cheerful. Plus, adorable icons like smiley hearts have been added, because eating makes us happy, of course.

Cheesy Pizza Night! by Slidesgo

Whether you are planning to launch a new offer or a flavor, the different types of slides, accompanied by photographs and different graphic elements, will help you to justify the reason for your proposal. As you can see, the template looks like an operating system, with different tabs in the interface.

Cheesy Pizza Night! by Slidesgo

As you know, numbers are a critical part of any marketing plan. Accompany your campaign with a budget breakdown and a detailed action plan to convince your company that you should run ads.

TOP 3: Book of Recipes.

Book of Recipes _ by Slidesgo

We admire everyone who has a gift for cooking. If you get a true chef or pastry chef blood running through your veins, let the world know about your recipes! Open the doors of your kitchen through a compilation of your best creations and versions of famous dishes.

Book of Recipes XL by Slidesgo

As well as taste and smell are very important, appearance also plays a decisive role in making a dish irresistible in the eyes of others. Use the slides of the “Book of Recipes”  presentation to show the best side of your creations.

Book of Recipes XL by Slidesgo (1)

The main ingredient of the presentation is the use of brush-like textures. We wanted to create an elegant and sophisticated cream-colored template to make your sweets stand out.

Because condensed typefaces have been used, with clean and elegant strokes, the cookbook will look good on screen as well as in printed media.

Baking is all about chemistry. Sugar, flour, eggs and the rest of the products must be well measured so that the end result tastes great. All the steps are important, which is why you will find the graphs that allow you to break down the stages of baking your sweets.

Top 2: Cooking Workshop

Cooking Workshop by Slidesgo

Don’t waste your innate talent for cooking! We are sure that your students would love to receive a masterclass from you in which you teach them your best dishes.

Show them how to make the most of all the ingredients in the pantry, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, using this colorful and fresh template called Cooking Workshop“. 

Cooking Workshop by Slidesgo (1)

Why does it smell so good? Have you baked a cake? You’re going to unveil a world of tastes, smells, and textures to your audience. Make use of icons, representing different types of food and drinks, to make it easy for your audience to understand your dishes.

Cooking Workshop by Slidesgo (2)

Be as descriptive as possible. Propose different practical exercises using the diagrams and illustrations in the template to make the workshop dynamic and make the hours fly by.

Your students will exclaim, “Comin’ right up! Message received loud and clear!”. The best part of a workshop is moving from theory to action – don’t you think it’s fun to guide your students? They will not only learn, but they’ll also be able to sink their teeth into their own dishes when they’re finished.

Top 1: Granny’s Recipe Book

Granny's Recipe Book by Slidesgo

Our grandmothers have a special place in our hearts and that’s why we dedicate the top of the food templates ranking to them, with “Granny’s Recipe Book” presentation for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Honestly, you can’t eat anywhere like at grandma’s house. What special ingredient does your grandmother add to her food to make it always delicious? Is it the result of her love for cooking or the experience she has acquired over the years? It’s time to find out.

Granny's Recipe Book by Slidesgo (1)

Collect all her recipes so that they can be preserved and transmitted to future generations.

In order to do that, put on your apron and go into the kitchen to write down each step and ingredient. We recommend that you take pictures and include them in the slides of the presentation, so you will have a complete and well broken down guide of each recipe.

Granny's Recipe Book by Slidesgo (2)


To make the cookbook more illustrative, additional hand-drawn style graphic elements have been added, such as infographics and extra resources related to the world of cooking (ingredients and kitchenware).


Granny's Recipe Book by Slidesgo

Did you enjoy this culinary journey?  If you want to satisfy your desire to create food-related presentations, explore the other alternatives available on the Slidesgo website. Bon Appétit!

Also, we have developed for kitchenettes a new format of printable templates in A4 format, the cookbooks, so that you can have all your dishes at ease and well organized.